Fields of Understanding


Dear Prospective Student,

Thank you for your interest in joining this innovative way to make positive changes in your life. Below are updated details about the 2020 terms of study.

After committing to your self-designed curriculum from the specific branches of Principled Consciousness trainings outlined below, you will learn methods to increase your powers of manifestation in accordance with highly principled models. Correlating each step of your work with energetic counterparts, you will gain a supportive awareness of the inherent connection between your thoughts, intentions, actions and outcomes.

As a year-long student you are embarking on a unique and personalized program. For the extent of your enrollment you have access to the scholarship, experience and sincere feedback of founder, Dr. Susan Gurnee. Her mission is to help you achieve your goal while you use your project as a metaphor for the directions of your life. With this correlation you will accomplish an important objective, and take the learning and expanded consciousness into your future daily choices.



One-Year Self-Defined Projects:
Foundational Study – Creating With Principled Consciousness

English or German ebooks available

Under the direction of Dr. Gurnee, students choose an individual project to spend the calendar year completing. All projects will have in common that they provide beneficial solutions to challenging self-devised themes. The one-year self-defined project fosters an uncompromising adherence to ethical principles that sustain honesty and build habits of outstanding character. The steps of the self-chosen project become a personal representation of your newly formed decision-making patterns. This endeavor releases your powers to catapult change, nurture growth, and insure development.

Students who have completed one year can build another project or continue the previous year’s project with the titles: Continuing Student, On-going Student or Returning Student.

Each year, students receive an abundance of lessons contained in twelve monthly ebooks and audio files that build the careful synthesis of thought and action through conscious decision-making. Through this supervised independent course of study, students have access to Fields of Understanding through telephone and Skype. Monthly ebooks, sound file lectures, and project coaching. Ebooks available in English or German.

Optionally, students can choose to obtain Resonance Art prints of the Series “Creating with Principled Consciousness”, especially created by Susan Gurnee to support students’ self-development while enhancing the work done throughout the year. The series of 12 is available in CD sized format, at request also in the size 8”x 8” (21x21cm). Resonance Art prints are not included in tuition fee.


Foundational Verities

English or German ebooks available

Verities are principles that hold factual relevance in life situations. These serve as fundamental truths and are foundational to build trust in beliefs, behavior, or reasoning. These have withstood the vagaries of time. They can be relied upon in new encounters and can sustain noble intentions. This newly developed course uses six critical themes from which to find continued evolutionary insights.

Foundational Verities addresses the topics of Security, Creativity, Power, Appreciation, Communication, and Social Intelligence. Instead of a supportive sound file, students will receive Resonance Art prints in a Series “Foundational Verities”. These vibrational art prints created especially by Susan Gurnee for 2020, are designed to support students’ self-development work throughout the year. The series of 12 will be available in CD sized format and are included in the course fee.

By request, the size 8”x 8” (21x21cm) Resonance Art prints from this series can be purchased by those enrolled or not enrolled in this year’s course.


Mutuality Training
English or German ebooks available

If you do not understand yourself, it is difficult to comprehend what is taking place around you. After years of research and testing, Dr. Gurnee has systematized the importance of mutuality into six stages with identifiable patterns. These can be observed in others and understood inside. Since mutuality is necessary for the process of any form of creation, learn how to find the ingredients inside to build interactions with qualities that hold genuine and supportive elements.

A two-year comprehensive study course, the “Six Stages of Mutuality” as taught by Dr. Gurnee, is designed to widen your understanding of the powers you possess during both professional and social interactions. Whether you are in the arts, in service and other interaction-filled occupations, increase your interpersonal relationships. Participants learn how to widen opportunities that open and expand understanding with courage, reason, and goal-directed flexibility. Monthly ebooks and individual coaching by Sue Gurnee are included.

Taught in sets of three platforms, Year 1 establishes the first three key trainings. These are directed toward collaborative relationships. These three stages (Keys 1–3) help you practice the qualities of participation, creativity, and the subtle aspects contained in goal-directed accomplishments.

Year 2: Three stages (Keys 4–6) for sustained collaboration using communication, trust, caring and assurance – to enhance personal relationships, team support, long-term associations, and family evolution.


Establishing Unified Direction
English or German ebooks available

“Unified Direction” is achieved when both conscious and unconscious thoughts are free of inner conflict. Until that time, achievements are hindered by contradictory attitudes, concepts, and beliefs that disperse energy and scatter objectives.

Unconscious thoughts are involuntary. These often hold fear-based false conclusions that over-ride and determine the orientation of the conscious voluntary thoughts and reactions. This course is influential in its manner to systematize and uphold mutuality between the involuntary and voluntary parts in one’s operating system.

Throughout the year, build new pathways of confidence and clarity with easy-to-follow charts and personal worksheets. Each month, students receive elegantly adorned information-packed charts and worksheets.

This brilliant one-year course is offered to inquisitive learners and those with previous training at Fields of Understanding. Scheduled throughout the year are telephone consultations and facilitation by Sue Gurnee.


SpiralAction Method™ Core Components
English or German ebooks available

An intensive one-year course allowing participants to gain a sensory-oriented technique to quickly unwind areas of personal discord. Using the power contained in gently programed movements, this well-tested technique is potent. It allows participants to retune themselves to uphold alert composure foundational for creative expressiveness and daily decision-making.

Gain understanding about your outlooks on struggle and stress. These and many shielding areas are addressed in depth throughout the year. Learn to use an efficient and practical system to gain maintainable and efficient results that reflect your intentions.

Course includes: Amazingly crafted and thoroughly engrossing videos, twelve splendidly laid out ebooks for their charming ease, and scheduled phone-coaching with Dr. Gurnee


SpiralAction Method™ Facilitation Essentials

Ebooks in English

For those who have successfully completed the inspiring SpiralAction Method™ Core Components course, this is an opportunity-filled year. Do you want to learn how to teach SpiralAction Method™ to others? This special training course weaves personal development topics with the steps needed to prepare for certification. With certification you will gain the joy and materials to spread this effective method in your own classes and events.

Students who want to become certified SpiralAction Method™ Instructors and have already worked on their self-development in the one-year SpiralAction Method™ Core Components course, will receive 6 monthly modules from which to review, memorize, and continue their personal evolution. In August, a two-week SpiralAction Method™ Immersion Class is offered in Todd, NC, USA for further training, practice, and pre-certification testing.

The tuition fee for the two-week Immersion Class is included in the yearly tuition. Costs for travels, accommodation, and food during the Immersion Class are not included. After successfully passing the certification process, SpiralAction Method™ Instructors receive an Instructors’ package with authentic SpiralAction Method™ tools. These permit them to offer certified SpiralAction Method™ Weekend Seminars.

Please note: This extensive course is only open to students who have successfully completed one year of SpiralAction Method™ Core Components training with Dr. Sue Gurnee at Fields of Understanding.

Students interested in becoming certified SpiralAction Method™  Instructors need to make an appointment with Dr. Sue Gurnee to discuss which are the most appropriate courses to take for their certification process. Admission is based on Dr. Sue Gurnee’s evaluation.


SpiralAction Method™ Facilitation Essentials Intensive

Ebooks in English

For evolved students with relevant background, experiences, and leadership skills as well as a solid foundation and understanding of Principled Consciousness, a 9 month certification course is offered. If admission is granted to this course, students can join without previous studies of SpiralAction Method™ and instead use the first 6 months of the year to adopt the basics of SpiralAction Method™ and prepare for certification with additionally provided material for personal work and self-development.

In August, the approved students are invited to join the two-week Immersion Class in Todd, NC, USA. Tuition for SpiralAction Method™ Immersion Class is included in the yearly tuition fee; not included are travels, accommodation, and food during the Immersion Class. Upon successful completion and certification as SpiralAction Method™ Instructors, students can immediately begin offering SpiralAction Method™ weekend seminars as per the SpiralAction Method™ framework. Please note that timing can differ for each individual to gain the proficiency needed for certification.

For many, certification can take place during the SpiralAction Method™ Immersion Course in Todd, NC, USA, or in weeks following to the Immersion Course.

Students interested in becoming certified SpiralAction Method™  Instructors need to make an appointment with Dr. Sue Gurnee to discuss which are the most appropriate courses to take for their certification process. Admission is based on Dr. Sue Gurnee’s evaluation.



Apply to attend optional five-day Group Forums. These are designed specifically for those who are currently enrolled in the School. The Group Forum fee is not covered by the yearly tuition. These additional offerings support the students’ individual projects through camaraderie formed through experimentation through the group association.

In 2020, the Spring Forum will be held on the island of Mallorca, near Santanyi. The second Group Forum will be held in the autumn at a location disclosed when the student roster is completed.

Complementing the Group Forum Program, students have the opportunity to attend Understanding Intensives held during the summer at the Growing Wheel headquarters in North Carolina, USA. This additional training is not covered by the annual tuition. It is a highly styled get-together for students interested in jumpstarting their continued evolution using Principled Consciousness. With a focus on insightful discernment, these interesting and concentrated experiences are designed to foster individual unfoldment and awareness development.



Fields of Understanding is passionate about nurturing the spirits of integrity, ethics, and mutuality. Linked to Universal themes that honor conscious decision-making, students are given models of clarity from which to widen their spectrum of goal-oriented decision-making skills.



Spring Group Forum
March 30-April 3, 2020

Mallorca, Spain

Weekend Intensive
"Summer Art Workshop"
July 25-26, 2020

Todd, NC, USA

Five-Day Intensive
"The Dynamics of Creative Expressions"
July 27-31, 2020

Todd, NC, USA

Weekend Intensive
"Summer Art Workshop"
August 1-2, 2020

Todd, NC, USA

SpiralAction Method™ Immmersion Class
August 7-21, 2020

Todd, NC, USA

Fall Group Forum
Date and location to be announced.

Register early for these events!



Tuition for each year-long course (except SpiralAction Method™ Facilitation Essentials Intensive) that includes distance learning material in English or German (as available) and project reviews: $6,500

For all courses: a non-refundable registration fee of $300 is due by the first day of school. This fee covers application processing and, the distance physical exam and handling charges.

Please note: SpiralAction Method™ Facilitation Essentials Intensive Course leading to certification within 9 months has several course components and therefore a different tuition. Please contact or for details and payment schedule.

Payment Schedule 2020:
Due by Jan 10: Registration and handling fees $300
Due by Jan 18: Tuition $1,000
Due before March 15: Tuition $2,000
Due before June 15: Tuition $2,000
Due before Sept. 15: Tuition $1,500



In 2020, Fields of Understanding School of Principled Consciousness offers a scholarship fund. In-need students can apply for a grant to aid with their yearly tuition. International students who seek assistance to attend the optional 5-day group events can apply to receive a stipend. Please submit an application for either of these grants: Mission statement, goals, and motivations as well as a personal statement about your reasons for wanting this grant.

Application deadline: Please send a complete set of the required documents as well as the filled-in Application Form 2020 to by December 15, 2019. Grants for 2020 will be awarded by January 8, 2020.



The Fields of Understanding Student Financial Aid was started by friends and students of the School of Principled Consciousness who wanted to make a contribution and share from their learning.

If you want to become a sponsor and help future potential students to embark on a unique journey of growth and development, please contact Your contributions will be highly appreciated. Thank you!



Knowing that students manage multiple commitments, Fields of Understanding caters to the independent adult learner. The program is intended to fit smoothly within students’ individual time structures. It is important, for all concerned that after a student begins the School with this distance learning system that he continues until his goal is reached. If this is accomplished before August 15th, the remaining portion of the year’s tuition fee will be waived. Upon the unlikely event that a student wishes to withdraw from the year’s study, the School requests that the student state, in writing, his reason for leaving.

Upon the unlikely event that a student wishes to withdraw from the year’s study, the School requests that the student state, in writing, his reason for leaving. If a student decides to end the program because of extenuating circumstances not associated with the project’s schoolwork, a panel of adjudicators will review the specific circumstances and rule according to the highest outcome for all concerned. If a student’s course is terminated by the School for rule violation or non-payment of fees, official notification will be made in writing and no reimbursements will be given.