Fields of Understanding


"The Foundational Study Course has brought many uplifting changes not only to me as a Fields of Understanding student, but to my family. They seem more tolerant, happy and poised. I am amazed at how each month's module seems it was written just for me! My project has widened my creativity and my adult children and I are exploring new ways to spend holidays together engaged in creative projects together."

"You shaped my life, ordered, gave me development aid. You limited my limits and expanded my outlooks. You look for our health and our business. You always help me with all my questions, as embarrassing as they are to me, you always answer seriously and credibly."

Dr. Gurnee asks students:

1. What was your major motivation to enroll in the year-long distance learning course at Fields of Understanding?

"An intense longing for change; the prospect of having twelve months of continued and committed learning to give me space and time to advance my capabilities for change."

2. Did you have any specific expectations at the beginning of the year, and if so, were they met during the course?

"I had no intense expectations. I knew it was going to be an interesting and exciting journey. Well, what a wonderful and miraculous journey it turned out to be! It feels like a dream came true and it made me finally arrive in life."

3. Working 12 months on the creation of a self-defined, individual project in combination with learning about universal principles, many insights, changes, and highlights emerged. Would you share what you think were your most significant "�discoveries"� of this year?

"It's not important what you do, but how you do something." "The important ingredient is what you believe about yourself every moment." "The fruit is in the seed: that means at the very beginning of an endeavor, the thinking moment or the purity of your motivation will then be harvested in the fruit." "That nature is full of abundance."

4. One aspect of defining an individual project as a year-long activity is to create a personal microcosm for inner exploration and insight into energetics. How did you experience this during the course? Did you find this a supportive approach for deepening your awareness and understanding

"The microcosm and the project was an analogy for what is happening inside me and my surroundings, and how I'm processing, how I'm interacting with others. Indeed, the project was a field of understanding."

5. What would you tell people who are interested in taking the course but aren’t decided yet?

"Go along for the ride. You might never know where you will end up in, but be assured; it will be the ride of your lifetime, maybe even of your existence."

"Forget what you know about schools, teachers, and learning. This is so different, individual, full of challenges, full of pleasures, so open in the extent to what can be learned  and such an incredibly safe environment for an intensive exploration and further expansion of oneself."

"I'm very much interested in the work you are doing to help with children and their educators. Sometimes I feel it is quite difficult for the children to separate themselves from their parents (personal needs and wants), especially in "non-functioning" families. And so important to enable healthy growth."

"I find your e-books so so so important and in their multidimensionality unbelievably great. They are flexible and offer real clarity for all us students who learn in our own ways."

"So much more each month is offered than one can use at first sight or with the first time reading the e-book and listening to the sound files. Then each time I reread the modules I discover something new!"

"I want to write that yesterday I had a Skype session with another distance-learning student. For several reasons it was easy to share the exercises you included for two. It was extraordinary, I would say incredible, how many insights I got in this one hour."

"The monthly exercises are great and the questions you ask for reflections really are key! I found working with a partner by Skype so enriching! The two perspectives made understanding easier."

"Your teaching system is wonderful- it all fits together - the work I do alone with the help of the books, the group forums, the phone calls and listening to the audio lessons while going to work. For me the added pleasure of connecting with others around the globe while sharing exercises makes this school tops! This is genius. I look forward to videos!"

"I would like to thank Sue: for your work - to give birth to a school in which students can be born new."

"I would like to thank you for your patience, your flexibility as well as for your steadfastness, your deep respect, and your love during your work with me as one of your students. I appreciate very much how you teach - with knowledge from, for me invisible realms, with humor, eloquence and enthusiasm, with love and wisdom. And you do teach this entire complexity with a natural simplicity in order to encourage your students. And you do teach this entire complexity with a natural simplicity in order to encourage your students."

"I thank God that He has sent you to earth."

"It is so good to have a teacher who not only teaches but lives what she teaches."

"My first year at Fields of Understanding provided me with lots of new insights about the world. I was curious and did not know beforehand what to expect from this year of study. I found it difficult to put my expectations into words and to gain clarity about my project. Today, after several years of studying with Sue, I know that not in the slightest could I have imagined the extent of what we would be learning, even if it had been summarized in a table of contents. To me, Fields of Understanding is a school of life. In the course of the years, I was allowed to experience what it means to be one’s self, to become more authentic. This includes things such as being calmer in situations of daily life, even if they are critical situations, and search for possible creative solutions. Socializing and dealing with other people have a new, improved quality and my intuition has increased."

"Sue's coaching and support of the project helped me to enhance, refine and expand my skills and capabilities. The meticulous concern that Sue applies to developing processes of very high complexity is one-of-a-kind to me. Her work is profound and effective."

"Daily things of life now represent a combination of energetic processes and the simple everyday situations to me redefine the words "schooll" and "learning". To be allowed to learn more about life in such an easy and insightful way as well as to be able to apply the knowledge gained with practical tools, is a gift."

"Finally a school where learning is truly not just for school, but for life."

" When I started using principled consciousness in my work as an IT consultant, I was not really sure what difference it would make. As it turns out now, I am much more efficient and there is more satisfaction on my side as well as on the customers' - even more pleasure!"

"I had a goal but something unknown kept me from setting out for it. Based on my year-long, self-chosen project, I had the opportunity to reflect with Sue on the things I found to be no trouble and others that were more difficult. In a way that was right for me, I realized that each external difficulty, each undesired result relates to an internal aspect that hinders success. In a gentle way, free of conflict, we resolved these blockades. The reward is more liberty and the capability to get to the goal."

"My life has become more "spacious", I retrieved my happiness, hold more power, and enjoy relationships that are much more straightforward, and discovered talents  -  I will definitely continue."

"Out of curiosity I began to use principled consciousness in sport events. Playing tennis tournaments, I enjoyed a steep learning curve. My abilities improved very quickly and I am now playing the top players in our club. The journey has just begun!"

"Thank you so much for the Group Forum on your premises in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains! Rarely, I felt at ease so quickly, and at the same time made so many experiences. It is as if the perception has changed, as if I got a new pair of glasses. You are a wonderful teacher and a cordial hostess, and offer so much space for new experiences, impressions and ideas with joy, structure and entertainment. By now, the challenges of "flexibility" and "new behavior" cause an attitude of joyful expectancy. You thoroughly enliven life!"

"I started school because I finally wanted to know which of my many inner voices were my authentic ones that expressed my deepest authentic desires. I wished to be able to discern if unfulfilled desires I had been nourishing for a long time were true ones or false ones. Since I have been at Dr. Gurnee's School, I´ve been learning to discern this better and better. Thus my life has been changing so much since! My true desires begin to get fulfilled. I have been living so much more intensely, I�m experiencing so much more happiness, pleasure and fulfillment. I notice how my love and my understanding continue to grow. I'm so excited and happy to do so many things for the first time  - � life is inviting me with so many options -  although I'm already 50 years old! I no longer waste my time reflecting if this or that is regarded as possible or doable, but I´m following the guideline of my inner, authentic direction. With Sue's help and assistance, I'm in the process to learn to resolve inner conflicts, fears, false assumptions in a graceful and elegant manner. Life becomes more and more easy and colorful!"

"There is no comparison to this school. It offers access to a huge and unique treasure of wisdom, knowledge and experience offered by Sue, and the e-books provided by school. The individual phone-calls are most important for being able to apply and integrate into daily life new experiences and wishes; they are a most important orientation and assistance."

"The e-books are providing most valuable insights. Group forums are for me an incomparable kick-off for continuing evolution. They provide my five senses with treasures of analogies and experiences. You get to know like-minded people there with whom to share new experiences and build new relationships."

"The authentic goals you set in school become true. I thank Sue from all my heart, soul and mind that she is offering to share her unique and incomparable love, knowledge and wisdom. I thank the Universe that this unique school is here and inviting all that are willing, to experience this unique adventure of life with its richest possibilities."