Fields of Understanding


Fields of Understanding's determined innovators bring people in touch with methods to affect change using their personal powers of creativity. It is revealed that as people move into a deeper integrity, their thoughts turn toward benevolence and service.

What is it that you want?

What is it that you need?

In the world of competitive education, few schools offer the opportunity for students to address their deeper wants and needs. Designed for those who desire to reshape their attitudes about deadlines and "competitive/rivalry" thinking, students transform inner longings into substantive solutions using a well-defined structure of distance learning.

This includes: gorgeously designed monthly e-books, first rate sound files, enormously entertaining videos that enrich the senses (take a breath here!), worlds of opportunities with alumni and advocates, uproariously superb Zoom get-togethers, serious seminar learning, carefully choreographed special events, mutuality-charged uplifting group projects, and steady constructive self-assessment sessions throughout the year.

Students learn at their own pace and are encouraged to evaluate their progress on a regular basis using their own accountability procedures.

Fields of Understanding offers a proven method of distance learning for students who desire to expand their knowledge of the power of energetics on everyday actions and thoughts. Expand your field of understanding by enrolling in a year-long exploration. Join others who use Principled Consciousness in their endeavors.