Fields of Understanding


Interview with DR. SUE GURNEE about Fields of Understanding

Q: When you speak about awakening and widening consciousness at the School while working on a project, what am I to expect?

Dr.G: You are given opportunities during the year-long project to formulate solutions in a self-governing manner. Your project is a clear way to evaluate your patterns of decision-making. Do you regard the consequences to your actions? What were the motivations behind certain decisions, for example? By widening awareness of cause and effect through metaphoric meaning, you begin to identify repetitive patterns. Your inner desires will become apparent as you interpret the interplay of your personal thoughts and creative actions. Consciousness expansion may not happen suddenly while attending The School. It is a process that systematically expresses itself through feelings that emerge as you travel to your desired goal. If you consider the project as a microcosm of your life, you can begin to perceive parallels with inner attitudes, concepts, and beliefs in the wider areas of your life. The School’s material helps each student deepen his commitment to living “as a magnificent human”.


Q: What is this process called?

Dr.G: Often, this has been called a journey, or for some, a hero’s challenge. Following the mission, we concentrate actions toward creating the wisest and most meaningful reality conceivable using processes that reflect our current personal understanding of ethics, mutuality, and integrity.


Q: What will I be required to observe about my actions?

Dr.G: Nothing is officially “required”, but I deeply suggest that each student learn the discipline necessary to understand his motivations. Noble actions are products of inner discipline. Disciplined inner movement requires that one does not deny and disconnect from unprocessed inner conflict in hopes to return to a perceived safety zone. Any inner resistance makes its way to the physical world and manifests with inharmonious results. Observing actions begins with observing how one completes and files his inner thoughts.


Q: Will I really be able to increase my awareness even if I am studying at home?

Dr.G: When students, like you, become thoroughly committed to themselves, to truth and to non-avoidance, they will naturally expand perceptions and trust. Evidence of this is tangible. The project of your choosing offers you a specific time to explore and attune yourself to principled consciousness solutions. It is my pleasure to assist you through every chapter of your experience.


Q: What happens during the Group Forum?

Dr.G: This twice during the year activity is held at hand-picked locations decided by the group. Here, each learner gets together with other students engaged in individual projects. In this environment of camaraderie, students share perspectives, food, insights, and good old-fashioned goal-directed activities! We discuss the progress of projects and all can enjoy the pleasure of a trial 4-day project to practice reflexive and participatory actions with others.