Fields of Understanding


We welcome students from around the world who speak English to attend this innovative school!



Fields of Understanding admits students without regard to race, sex, age, sexuality, national origin, political or religious affiliations, or beliefs. Fields of Understanding does not have a minimum level of educational requirement for admission for the one-year trainings for project-oriented evolution.

Students must have a mature degree of self-discipline in order to complete the self-directed study. Previous activities and accomplishments cannot be used toward the completion of the project-related courses.

It is necessary that all students have an adequate command of the English language to participate. Monthly e-book texts of the project-oriented programs as well as the Mutuality Keys modules are available in German, but all project and learning review consults as well as lessons taught by facilitator, Dr. Sue Gurnee are conducted in English without continuous use of translators or interpreters. Electronic translator devices are permissible.



To apply for any of the Fields of Understanding programs, applicants are required to complete the Application Form, and attach a Personal Statement of intention describing individual goals that can be accomplished in the project or learning area they choose. Upon initial acceptance, Dr. Gurnee will conduct a qualitative interview and stamina exam. A non-refundable registration fee of $300 is due latest by the first day of class. This fee covers application processing, the distance exam, and handling charges.

If admitted, each student is required to submit a waiver stating that he is responsible for all decisions and activities while studying at the school. This simple contract releases any burden of accountability on Fields of Understanding for choices made by students engaged in their studies.

Checks can be made payable to:
Fields of Understanding (in US funds)

International Students may decide to transfer funds directly into the Fields Of Understanding bank account in the United States. For banking details please write to