Fields of Understanding


Discover the reasons behind your choices and decisions

Learn structured, supportive and respectful goal-oriented actions free of oppositional and rigidly opinionated pseudo-solutions

Appreciate the inherent connection between your thoughts, intentions, actions, and outcomes

Fields of Understanding's School of Principled Consciousness uses a well-defined educational structure of integrity.

In its 14th year, Fields of Understanding offers two new courses to further your commitment to your development: The newly developed "36 Cycles - Instructor Course" as well as the 12 modules course in muscle response testeing "Study Course in Radiesthesia".

Create your dreams and let them fly.

Realize a project you have wanted to do! Gain the tools needed to elevate your resources and manage time. Employ Universal Principles to sustain your focus! Use confidence to design your future as you envision it to be.

Fields of Understanding is an approved CEU provider. Each of Fields of Understanding's one year curriculums are worth 24 Continuing Education Units (CEU). Contact us if you want to learn more about this opportunity.

"Join us for a year of insights, growth, and camaraderie with like-minded people from all parts of the world!"

For each person the School's offerings are unique!

Experience the Twelve Universal Principles in Sue Gurnee's Art and Audio Composition
(Audio in cooperation with Bear Brown)

Students wrote:

"The Foundational Study Course has brought many uplifting changes not only to me as a Fields of Understanding student, but to my family. They seem more tolerant, happy and poised. I am amazed at how each month's module seems it was written just for me!"

"The concept of a school that offers an array of learning that meets my particular needs is profound and innovative."

"After successfully completing one year of study, I gained ways to minimize costly errors when I encounter unfamiliar situations."

"I developed a keen awareness of processes and techniques that helped me efficiently work with others."

"The philosophy of Fields of Understanding's education includes analytic and extremely practical ingredients to enhance decision-making."

"Fields of Understanding has a proven track record to develop inspired and contented people who use their confidence to build their future with principled awareness."